Switch Lite Success Means More 3DS Games On Switch

Ceria Alfonso
Noviembre 10, 2019

The Switch does still have a long way to go before reaching the sales levels of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, which sold 61.91 million units, and the Nintendo Wii, which sold a whopping 101.63 million units during its console cycle.

Nintendo experiences it offered 1.95 million Swap Lite devices all over the world in the system's 1st 11 times on shop shelves (i.e. through September 30).

This has not been confirmed, so - now, if you want to add more Fire Emblems on the Switch, consider investigating the outstanding New Game Plus benefits in the three homes.

"You can see how Nintendo Swap Lite included to sellthrough of Nintendo Swap, which continued at the exact constant rate that it had established this summertime", Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa claimed.

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In a briefing accompanying that report, Nintendo offered an unscaled graph showing Switch Lite revenue leveling off a little bit in October.

There was a tweet by Takashi Mochizuki in which he said "A surprise, analysts say, is regional breakdown of Lite sales".

"When that happened, I heard that Nintendo cancelled a bunch of further 3DS plans", Khan tells Miller. To that conclude, it is seeking for means to broaden the availability of in-retailer ordeals and other arms-on possibilities to get the Change Lite in players' fingers. Now, the company has revealed that 24% of those sales came from Japan. A number of releases from just before 2019-including Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart eight Deluxe, New Tremendous Mario Bros.

The news that 3DS developer AlphaDream Has gone bankrupt allegedly resulted in the cancellations of several 3DS games which were in the works, such as a remake of a previous game in the Fire Emblem series. This was first pointed out by GameSpot and there hasn't been release date planned in the West.

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