Steve Bannon called as Stone prosecution witness

Evarado Alatorre
Noviembre 10, 2019

"The campaign had no official access to WikiLeaks or to Julian Assange", Bannon told the court. Stone suggested he could get information from them, Bannon said, citing an email in which Stone said WikiLeaks had emails about Clinton.The prosecutor pressed Bannon on whether the campaign viewed Stone as its "access point" to WikiLeaks.

Bannon estimated that he had been in touch with Stone about 10 to 12 times from when Bannon joined the Trump campaign in August 2016 through Election Day, but noted that WikiLeaks was not a major topic of conversation during the campaign.

PHOTO: Roger Stone, former campaign adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump, and his wife Nydia Stone arrive for the continuation of his criminal trial on charges of lying to Congress, obstructing justice and witness tampering.

Stone is fighting charges that he lied to Congress and engaged in witness tampering involving radio personality Randy Credico. But he also said Stone would be considered a source of information on WikiLeaks because Stone had implied he had a connection.

In 2016, WikiLeaks released damaging stolen emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign. In cross examination by Stone's attorney Robert Buschel, Bannon acknowledged he was unaware of anyone in Trump's campaign ever formally dispatching Stone to learn when Assange might release more emails.

Earlier this week, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent testified about a flurry of phone calls between Stone and then-candidate Trump - including three calls on July 14, 2016 - the day that a massive hack of the Democratic National Committee's servers was reported.

USA intelligence agencies and former Special Counsel Robert Mueller determined that the emails were stolen by Russian state-backed hackers as part of Moscow's efforts to meddle in the election and boost Trump's candidacy.

"I was forced and compelled to come here today", he said as he climbed into a waiting SUV outside the courthouse.

Bannon, Trump's former campaign CEO, told a federal court Friday that Stone had boasted about his ties to WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange, alerting them to pending new batches of damaging emails.

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Randy Credico said Stone pressed him to "go along" with a false account of the operative's contacts with WikiLeaks during the 2016 US presidential campaign.

Credico, who finished his testimony earlier in the day, denied that he was an intermediary with WikiLeaks.

Stone called a Credico a "rat" and a "stoolie" in a threatening April 2018 email. Credico also testified that Stone used repeated references from the movie "The Godfather Part II" to intimidate him into either backing up Stone's testimony to Congress or refusing to testify. "I am going to take that dog away from you".

"I didn't want to rile the guy", Credico said.

The radio host told the court he's had his dog Bianca, a small breed known as a coton de tulear, since 2006.

Credico's statement that he did not view Stone's threat against the dog as honest may undercut the government's claim of criminal intent, but the jury will also weigh many other comments and threats by Stone including one in which he said, "Prepare to die".

Credico would not cooperate, evading Buschel's questions and at times talking over the lawyer - prompting warnings from U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

Thursday's testimony detailed the acrimonious collapse of the relationship between the liberal Credico and Stone, a longtime conservative operative who revered Richard Nixon so much that he has the disgraced former president's face tattooed on his back. By then, he told the jury, he knew Stone as a political operative and author he'd met years earlier when Bannon was executive chairman of the right-wing website Breitbart News.

Credico, a mercurial radio host, comedian, and impressionist, is now a key witness in the government's case against Roger Stone. He said Stone was considered the access point because he had claimed the role.

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