Apple Watch now has a Roku app

Ceria Alfonso
Noviembre 10, 2019

It will work on Apple Watch variations 1 by 5.

Now the Apple Watch relies on a pin system and pairing/proximity to the iPhone for authentication, but given that the Apple Watch can be used to make purchases this is less than ideal, and of course, a bulky system such as Face ID would simply not fit into an Apple Watch, making an Apple Watch Touch-Id solution much more likely.

If you are an Apple Watch user that also owns a Roku device, I have great news. Starting today, you no longer even have to pull out your smartphone.

Surprisingly, the Roku app seems pretty well thought out. In its place, you can use your Apple Watch as your Roku Remote.

Moore shares features of the Roku Apple Watch app below. It's the exact effortless to use distant from the mobile app - just sized for your wrist! For select Roku devices and Roku TV models, you can also tap an icon to use voice commands. Roku Ultra and Roku TV clients can utilize the Apple Watch application to flag the remote, which will at that point play a "audible chime".

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When Apple TV+ launched on 1 November 2019, Apple offered two free trials: one week free, or, for some, a whole year for free.

The Roku app comes with multiple nifty features for set-top box, smart TV, and streaming stick owners, including the ability to listen to the TV audio through a pair of headphones connected to the phone. Channels are listed in order of most recently launched for your convenience.

But perhaps the best feature is the app's remote finder. To access the Roku Watch App, just update the Roku iOS App to version 6.1.3 and if you have Automatic Installs turned on, it will appear on your Apple Watch.

Select Apple TV+ and then click on Cancel Subscription.

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