Italy introduces mandatory climate change lessons in schools

Federico Mansilla
Noviembre 9, 2019

"There will be more attention to climate change when teaching those traditional subjects", he explained. At the start of this school year, he said students would be excused from missing class to participate in Fridays for Future climate change protests.

Education Minister Lorenzo Fioramonti said under a new law, all state schools will dedicate around an hour a week to sustainability and climate change issues, amounting to around 33 hours a year.

According to Reuters, all state schools would dedicate 33 hours per year, nearly one hour per school week, to climate change issues from the start of the next academic year in September. He added that he wished to make the Italian education system the first education system that puts the environment and society at the core of everything learned in school.

He also made the announcement on Twitter, writing, "I want Italy to become a leader against climate change, being the first country to make sustainable development the cornerstone of our new education and research approach". According to The New York Times, students will learn about its effects on the world around them, but also how to live a more sustainable life.

Even so, many Italians are concerned that Five Star's emphasis on environmental problems, or perhaps, his failure to achieve such goals competently, is destroying the country's economy.

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Cramarossa reported a panel of scientific authorities, like Jeffrey D. Sachs, director of Columbia University's Middle for Sustainable Enhancement, and American economic and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin, will enable the ministry redevelop the nationwide curriculum to pay extra notice to weather adjust and sustainability.

Different grades will take different approaches to the new curriculum, Fioramonti told The Times.

On the contrary, the U.S. became the first country to pull out of the Paris climate accord on Monday, when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo submitted a formal notice to the UN.

Fioramonti, from the rebellious 5-Star Movement, is the administration's most vocal supporter of green approaches and was scrutinized by the restriction in September for urging understudies to play hooky and partake in atmosphere fights.

"That's the kind of nonsense we want to avoid by educating children that this is the most important challenge humanity has ever faced", Fioramonti said.

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