Where to find EGO Outposts for Fortnite Week 5 challenges

Ceria Alfonso
Noviembre 8, 2019

In the loading screen you unlock after finishing eight The Lowdown objectives, you can see a collection of characters stood in an aircraft hangar.

Let's not get too ahead of ourselves, as we need to complete this week's Lowdown challenges before we can get that precious N letter. Once you've done that you can head to the map's southwest to one of the Fortnite EGO outposts that house the next piece of the puzzle-visiting five of those is one of your other challenges.

This is probably the easiest hidden loading screen Fortnite challenge we've seen in some time.

So, there you have it. Take a look at our other Fortnite letter guides if you haven't found the F, O, R, or T. We've provided a map below of where you can find each of these outposts.

So there we have it, all of the locations you need for the Fortnite EGO outposts.

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Players need to visit all five E.G.O. That said, here's where to find some E.G.O outposts.

Northwest of Pleasant Park - Float toward the beaches that are northwest of Pleasant Park and the E.G.O outpost should quickly come into view.

As you descend from the Battle Bus, look out for a green domed building with large spotlights nearby. It's an E.G.O outpost, so float on down. More importantly, though, the elusive N you're looking for is hanging out in the top-left corner of the image. You know what to do. There are seven in total, but you only need to visit five of them and these are the simplest to find.

However, if you're struggling to see them, you can use our map below which has marked all five locations on the Fortnite map for you.

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