Italy's public schools add mandatory climate crisis courses to curriculum

Federico Mansilla
Noviembre 8, 2019

"I want to make the Italian education system the first education system in that put the environment and society at the core of everything we learn in school", he said.

Fioramonti is from the anti-establishment Five Star Movement and has been an outspoken supporter of green and progressive policies. At the beginning you will do so as part of the Education for Citizenship, which will also be mandatory from the next academic year, after 30 years of absence- in the framework of a pilot project whose ultimate goal is to incorporate the climate agenda of the United Nations throughout the curriculum. The Education Ministry will develop the curriculum with the help of scientific experts.

According to the conception of the political, which aims to "make sustainability and climate the centre of the educational model", other traditional subjects such as Geography, Mathematics or Physics will be studied "from a new perspective linked to the sustainable development", to analyze, for example, the effects of the action of man in the different areas of the planet.

"The thought is that the citizens of the long term have to have to be ready for the local weather emergency", Cramarossa said.

His proposition for new assessments on aircraft tickets, plastic and sugary nourishments to raise assets for instruction were firmly assaulted by pundits who said Italians were at that point over-exhausted.

Mr Fioramonti has been criticised previously for encouraging children to attend climate protests that often occur during school hours but it's clear that he's passinate about the subject.

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His opponents in Italy have roundly rejected these ideas.

His proposals for a plastic tax and sugary drink tax were also criticized, but they were presented to parliament for approval as part of the Italian government's 2020 budget this week.

"I was derided by everybody and treated like a town simpleton, and now a couple of months after the fact the legislature is utilizing two of those recommendations and it appears to me an ever increasing number of individuals are persuaded it is the best approach", Fioramonti said. Students from grades first through high school will all receive these lessons.

Italian Education Minister Lorenzo Fioramonti's vision for an environmentally sustainable curriculum comes at a time when young people such as Greta Thunberg are leading the political charge.

For Fioramonti, climate change is just one of Italy's existential threats.

"It's a world's initially to have a (compulsory) countrywide instruction in that perception", Cramarossa said.

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