Vladimir Putin Doesn't Think Turkey Can Control ISIS Fighters in Syria

Evarado Alatorre
Octubre 13, 2019

President Vladimir Putin doubted that Turkey would be able to deter Islamic State*-based militants based in northern Syria (*banned in Russia) during a military operation.

Putin said Kurds who were guarding thousands of imprisoned IS fighters are now fleeing after Turkey launched artillery and air strikes on Wednesday. "I'm not sure that the Turkish army will be able to take control of the situation, and quickly", Putin pointed out. "If we talk about CIS countries, it is a real threat to us all", Putin stressed.

"How will they be moving and to where?" "Through Turkish territory? Through other territories?" "We should understand what things are like there and muster our intelligence resources to thwart this new threat", TASS cited the Russian president as saying.

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"There's areas in northern #Syria where Islamic State's militants have amassed", the Russian president warned at the Commonwealth of Independent States' summit in Turkmenistan.

Russian Federation emerged a leading power broker in Syria after it launched a military intervention there in 2015, turning the tide of the war in favour of its ally in Damascus, President Bashar al-Assad. Ankara claims its goals are to create a security zone near its border, fight terrorists, and return Syrian refugees to their homes.

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