Fortnite is dead, long live Fortnite Chapter 2

Ceria Alfonso
Octubre 13, 2019

Multiple reports indicate that Apple accidentally leaked Fortnite Chapter 2 and our first brief look at its new map to fight it. This time though, the change may be bigger than ever before.

It also wouldn't be too big of a stretch to assume that Season 11 is essentially "Part 2" of Fortnite.

An image taken from the Italian App Store has been shared on social networks that shows a familiar Fortnite-style scenario but is emblazoned with the words "Fortnite Capitolo 2".

What are your thoughts on the new map for Fortnite Season 11?

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Fortnite fans will be able to see all the action unfold when the Fortnite live event kicks off on Sunday October 13 at 7pm United Kingdom time. That new piece of art showcases what appears to be a new map and the aforementioned name "Fortnite Chapter 2".

Previous leaks have indicated that during the Fortnite live event players, at one point, will be transported to a spot where they get a birds eye view. Considering the entirety of Fortnite Season X has revolved around nostalgia for the classic map, it makes sense that the current theme would act as a fitting send off for the original play space.

Introducing a brand new map could be a real shot in the arm for Fortnite, not that it really needs it, given that it's still one of the most popular games in the world - despite a reported 52 percent drop in revenue when compared to a year ago.

The artwork also showcases revamped default skins, which could either be in the new Battle Pass or actual replacements for the old default outfits. Teasers are released in order to build hype for the season, but the live event is providing that this time around.

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