Paul Rudd feared 'Friends' axe after injuring Jennifer Aniston on set

Esequiel Farfan
Octubre 12, 2019

Jennifer was the star of the show, as she is one of this years six honorees, along with Mariah Carey, 49, Awkwafina, Chaka Khan, Brie Larson, and Dana Walden. However, when he tried it out he accidentally rolled over her injured foot.

Rudd recalled on The Graham Norton Show that when he was shooting his first episode of Friends, Aniston was on a Segway because she had broken her toe. I then asked to try it too.

As for being recognized at Variety's 2019 Power of Women, she said modestly, "I don't often think of myself that way but I was very honored".

He added: "The producers look of panic was if to say, 'Is it too late to fire him? Such an inauspicious start", Rudd recalled.

Although the show is long over after 10 successful seasons that ran from 1994 to 2004, its reruns are still popular on satellite television and OTT platforms.

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Paul also found a joke "fall flat" as the cast wrapped up the run for good, in an emotionally charged instalment. He gushed "It was an incredible thing to be part of and the whole experience, but seems a bit surreal and a bit of a blur in my memory". He thought to himself that he shouldn't be there, but he chose to try and break the ice.

"I was on the soundstage and Jennifer Aniston was crying, and I thought, 'I'm not supposed to be here, ' so to break the ice, I went over and said, 'Well, we did it, what a ride, '" he reveals.

He starred in a total of 18 instalments, starting in 2002 with The One with the Pediatrician.

"I really got into playing two different people but it was nuanced, not all Jekyll and Hyde, it was about the hair, the physicality and posture..." he stated. He'll appear alongside Bruce Springsteen, Robert De Niro, Sienna Miller and James Blunt.

The interview airs on BBC America on Friday at 11 p.m. ET.

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