Trump reportedly makes concessions to China before trade talks

Galtero Lara
Octubre 10, 2019

A mere hours after the pessimistic piece in the SCMP, the New York Times ran a story singing an entirely different tune, reporting plans in Washington to loosen restrictions on Chinese telecom giant Huawei - which was placed on a United States trade "blacklist" in May - allowing some business in "nonsensitive goods".

The partial agreement is also likely to include a delay in tariffs. It would be followed by talks on intellectual property and other so-called "core issues".

Chinese and U.S. trade officials are set to meet for the first time in months on Thursday, in what could be a landmark week in terms of the trade war.

The South China Morning Post reported earlier, citing sources, that the deputy level discussions - held on Monday and Tuesday in DC - did not result in progress on critical issues.

Originally set for Thursday and Friday, the talks will now only be one day, FOX Business has confirmed.

According to Reuters, Chinese government officials said the Trump administration's recent blacklisting of 28 Chinese firms generated a negative atmosphere. The US also placed visa bans on officials linked to the mass detention of Muslims from the region.

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President Donald Trump, now embroiled in a worsening impeachment battle with House Democrats, agreed in September to postpone ratcheting tariffs on $250 billion in Chinese goods from 25% to 30% until October 15 after Beijing, in a sign of goodwill, waived tariffs on some USA goods.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said on Thursday that tariffs on Chinese goods and services are working as they are forcing China to pay attention to US concerns.

"In my opinion China wants to make a deal more than I do", Trump added.

At the same time, a fight over free speech between China and the US National Basketball Association (NBA), triggered by a tweet by the Houston Rockets general manager backing Hong Kong's protesters, has underscored the tensions.

Further tariffs are scheduled to come into effect on December 15.

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