Most pregnant women not getting vaccinated — CDC

Maricruz Casares
Octubre 10, 2019

While CDC considers october 1 to be the official start to the USA flu season, California officials reported two flu-related deaths in September, and other areas in the United States are reporting flu cases.

In a statement Public Health Director Dr. Karyl Rattay said she hopes this first reported case will "further motivate individuals who have not yet gotten their annual flu shot to do so right away".

Every year the flu sickens millions of Americans, hospitalizes hundreds of thousands, and kills tens of thousands. "Flu can cause severe illness and can even be life threatening, particularly among older people, young children, those who have a long term illness and pregnant women".

Silvernail says most vaccines contain four strains of influenza virus that are the virus' most likely to circulate this flu season.

The flu season is well underway.

DE is reporting its first confirmed flu case this season.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu vaccines can not cause flu illness. Some other local side effects that could happen on site, swelling, itching and burning of the area and you could possibly run a low grade fever. "The more we know, the more we know you can't figure it out very well".

The benefits are not just for the babies. Using sophisticated artificial intelligence and modeling they can characterize where the virus is going and what kind of virus it will be to some extent.

You do need a flu vaccine every year.

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The virus also can change within a season as it moves from country to country. "There are many ways that this flu season may pan out", he said.

The CDC recommends that pregnant women receive the flu vaccine during any trimester of a pregnancy and the Tdap vaccine during the early part of the third trimester.

Whooping cough can be deadly for babies, especially before they can start getting the childhood whooping cough vaccine at 2 months old.

However, the flu vaccine only offers protection for certain flu strains.

The flu shot really is the best way to protect against the flu, said Jordan Clark, an Ottawa-based pharmacist with Shopper's Drug Mart.

Only 35% of women received both vaccines while pregnant, the CDC said.

Some jurisdictions across Canada are anticipating smaller or later deliveries of the flu shot than normal - which could affect vaccination programs. There is no such suggestion this year. Tdap vaccination during pregnancy is even more effective at preventing hospitalization due to whooping cough in newborns. A vaccine information statement, consent form, link to online registration and maps of both locations are available at

According to TODAY, Dr. Oz said, "I spoke to the CDC last night and they delayed the vaccine a little bit so that they could make a better match".

What else can you do to avoid the flu?

Flu germs tend to linger and hand washing can cut down our exposure. Protect yourself by avoiding close contact with anyone who is sick. To decrease your risk, stay home if you feel ill.

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