China open to partial trade deal despite tech blacklist

Galtero Lara
Octubre 10, 2019

President Trump said China has lost millions of jobs while the United States takes in billions of dollars in tariffs.

The Chinese delegation, headed by Vice Premier Liu He, plans to leave Washington on Thursday after just one day of minister-level meetings, the paper said, adding that the departure had earlier been planned for late on Friday.

China is still open to agreeing a partial trade deal with the United States, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday, citing an official with direct knowledge of the talks, despite the recent blacklisting of Chinese technology firms.

Top-level officials from the world's two largest economies were expected to meet Thursday and Friday in Washington to hash out differences that have dragged out the US-China trade war for more than a year.

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The report on the US-China trade talks came less than a couple of hours after US President Donald Trump told reporters he thinks China wants to make a trade deal more than he does.

Any trade deal with China has to be better than 50/50 for the US.

The Chinese insist they came in good faith and while they are making soybean and wheat purchases, at larger volumes than expected, the US will not agree to the suspension of tariffs which shows a lack of sincerity.

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