Megan McCain Storms off Stage After Confrontation with Ana Navarro

Esequiel Farfan
Setiembre 21, 2019

Here's the backstory: Earlier this month, McCain got into it with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's fervent defender and rumored girlfriend Anderson (we don't get it either), with the late Senator John McCain's daughter calling Assange "a cyber-terrorist".

"I think all interference from a foreign country in our election, all of it is bad and should be condemned and you can't play party politics with this, and there's a lot of people on the left who are doing that with Julian Assange", she exclaimed.

She later added, "There are a lot of people on ht left who defend Julian Assange", to which Behar responded, "Alright fine, but the left is happy that there's a whistleblower blowing the whistle on Trump".

"I said, don't scream at me".

Students around the world were staging school walk-outs over climate change, but The View's Meghan McCain was triggered to do the same when co-host, and fellow Republican, Ana Navarro told her to stop screaming. I have a problem with both. "They'd like for it to go away. the administration, the people who are actually impacted by this".

McCain said, "All Americans are impacted by this".

Navarro responded she was attempting to inject some humor into the conversation, before McCain raised her voice and stated that she may have been "clumsy" in the way she was explaining her point. (Navarro was recently spotted in the front row at a Joe Biden campaign event, "stroking her dog Chacha.") The discussion this morning was about that mysterious whistleblower complaint against Trump.

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"I don't know what you just said", McCain snapped.

Navarro said, "I'm two feet away". Seemingly thrown off by Navarro's reaction, McCain replied, "I don't know what you just said".

"I said don't scream at me, I'm two feet away", Navarro said.

The View co-host Sunny Hostin bravely tried to make sense of McCain's false equivalency by asking, "You're saying, Meghan, the people are against this whistleblower?"

"That's so rude, Ana", McCain said. The camera next panned back to the audience, where those present were gasping and laughing.

According to one Twitter user, The View had to "add extra commercials" due to McCain's absence. Even Pamela Anderson, who is a friend and supporter of Julian Asange, let McCain have it. I'm talking about the administration. I'm talking about telling us yesterday ... "I always say we're like the only show that [talks] about J.Lo and A-Rod and North Korea in the same show, and I think that's important".

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