Comedian Chelsea Handler says she needed 'therapy' before interviewing conservatives

Esequiel Farfan
Setiembre 21, 2019

It's Me, Chelsea, Chelsea Handler seeks to tackle systemic racism in the United States and come to grips with how her own white privilege has played a part in it. In it, Handler tries to convince white people of the advantages they receive due to their race. And by the way, the whole problem is that white people don't want to be uncomfortable talking about these things.

She went on to say: 'In a way you could say those women hung themselves out to dry, from our perspective, but from theirs they really believe that. Her focus remains on asking the probing questions about race that so many (white) Americans have a hard time addressing and she often (but not always) resists the temptation to turn the conversation back to herself.

To break out of her "bubble" for the film, Handler placed herself in situations outside of her comfort zone, such as performing at an open mic night at the University of Southern California (USC) in front of a racially diverse audience. There were black people in that room taking me to task saying, 'All you do is come in here and take, take, take.' You making a documentary about white privilege is an example of your privilege. On the one hand, other folks are certain to criticize her for virtue-signaling by making this film. There's no mention of him in the documentary because it's too "nauseating" for Handler.

"I am going to say that I'm as much of an idiot as the rest of us because I thought I was killing it. I never thought about opening my brain that way". "I didn't take into account the color of my skin and how much easier it was for me rather than a person of color to get away with [the] loud behavior that I was getting away with".

"I get it. I am taking", she continued.

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"I trust creating a documentary and traveling the sphere in the hunt for answers about white privilege is the epitome of white privelege [sic]", one more added. I should have known better.

Vice did not provide an exquisite overview either, assessing that Handler "stumbles via a neatly-meaning nonetheless wrong reckoning with her situation in the sphere" and arguing that Handler might perchance have without quandary been "canceled" moderately so a lot of times prior to now over off-color remarks. She has created a film that spotlights the voices of the disenfranchised; she is amplifying people that are so often pushed to the fringes of society. "When I started the documentary, I had this idea that I was woke", Handler, 44, told "The View" on Tuesday.

Alternately though, I can't imagine that anyone is profiting off of this documentary more than Handler herself.

Chelsea Handler is speaking out about white privilege. Yes, that is white privilege. It's Me, Chelsea would work.

Cuomo went on to ask whether she believes that Trump is seeking to protect white people from the reality that "they have to lose" from the process of white privilege. They don't want to offend black people.

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