There's A Full Moon Tonight For Friday The 13th

Federico Mansilla
Setiembre 14, 2019

You'll want to look up at the sky to see the next Harvest Moon, which is also being dubbed a "Micro Harvest Moon." . Harvest Moons occur when the summer season begins to turn into fall.

According to the Famers' Almanac, the Harvest Moon (the real deal, not the video game!) marks the nearest full moon to the autumnal equinox, aka the official ushering in of fall, which lands on September 23 this year.

It's like the alternative of a supermoon. The next time we even see a full moon on Friday the 13th will be in 2049.

He informed the Categorical: "To add to this Full Moon 'madness", this upcoming Full Moon very practically coincides with apogee - that time in its orbit which locations it at its biggest distance from the Earth: 252,100 miles away.

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Tonight's moon is also a "micromoon" which is, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac, exactly the opposite of a "supermoon".

According to NASA, the moon should appear full from 12 September until the 15th, but it won't be completely full until 9:30 pm Pacific Standard Time on 13 September or 12:30 am Eastern Time on Saturday, 14 September, but for all practical purposes it is considered full on Friday night. Most of the time, the moon sits somewhere in between those bounds.

Despite the fact that in case everyone is being technical, it'll really be on Saturday 14th as it'll hit the peak at about 5.30am BST. It occurs when the moon is positioned on the alternative aspect of Earth from the solar, absolutely illuminating it. Why is it called the Harvest Moon?

The Harvest Moon does typically occur in September, taking the place of the Full Corn Moon. The next full moon after the Harvest Moon is the Hunters Moon which will happen on October 13.

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