Protesters Greet Trump in Baltimore Weeks After He Attacked City

Maricruz Casares
Setiembre 13, 2019

The chilly reception came after Trump lashed out on Twitter at Elijah Cummings, a prominent African-American congressman from Baltimore, calling him a "brutal bully" who should concentrate on cleaning up his "disgusting, rat and rodent infested" district rather than criticizing the work of US immigration officers on the Mexican border.

Lawmakers gave him a standing ovation when he promised to uphold the right to keep and bear arms.

"You're loved out there", he asserted. The Washington Post, which probably more than any other news outlet has broken some of the most damaging stories to the Trump presidency, is privately owned by Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, a multi-billion dollar publicly-traded retailer.

President Donald Trump chose to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11 by lashing out at the polls, which consistently show him losing to Democratic presidential candidates. But a few blocks away, demonstrators inflated a giant rat carrying a cellphone and adorned with yellow hair and a red tie to make clear their mocking intentions.

"President Trump is a rich guy who is mired in white privilege to the extreme", said Cheadle.

Jennifer Amann, who lives in Fells Point, not far from the hotel where Trump was speaking, laughed when told that McCarthy said Trump's visit demonstrates that he cares about the city and its residents.

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On an adjacent corner, a smaller yet vocal group of Trump supporters gathered, and the two groups engaged in an extended back-and-forth.

Joe Murphy, of Owings Mills, Maryland, called the Trump protesters "so un-American and disgusting".

Some called out the president's comments as racist, but Cheadle admitted he was "thrilled" with the recognition of black voters. "I'm more critical of it today than I was back then because today I wonder to what extent he said that for political gain or for attention", he said to PBS Newshour.

After Trump's verbal broadsides, Cummings invited the president to tour his congressional district with him, from the poorest parts of Baltimore to more well-to-do areas outside the city in suburban Baltimore and Howard counties.

Trump has not backed away from his charges that Democratic leaders are responsible for the ills of America's biggest cities. It also contends with deep-rooted poverty and swaths of the city are populated with vacant, boarded-up homes.

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