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Ceria Alfonso
Setiembre 13, 2019

"We're using machine learning to curate what appears in Memories, so you don't have to parse through many duplicate shots, and you can instead reflect on the best ones, where the photos have good quality and all the kids are smiling", Google's post about the feature continues.

If you want to go bigger, you can now order canvas prints from Google Photos, which will be delivered to your front door.

On a related note, the Photos update is also adding a separate feature that will better support the sharing of photos and videos saved in the app with friends and family members. This works with a single individual or groups, and you'll be able to pull in images straight from the new Memories feature into these conversations.

Tapping to the right advances the story, tapping to the left brings back the previous image.

Although it looks similar to Instagram or Snapchat's public stories, Google says its Memories will only be viewable by you. Once you tap on the circles, it will show you a selection of photos that were taken on that day.

Google Photos is expanding its physical options to include canvas prints.

Google Photos adds Memories to tickle your nostalgia, same-day prints from Walmart or CVS, and Canvas prints
Google is now shamelessly ripping off Instagram, because why not?

It's a kind of direct messaging feature, which - yes, turns Google Photos into about the millionth messaging app to emerge out of Google.

Before today, your only option to directly print photos from the Google Photos app was to order a photo book. Faster options are available for an extra charge. The photos will be an ongoing conversation that's only between you and the other person. These prints are now limited to a size of 4x6, but can be ordered and picked up the same day. The first one lets you order 4×6 photo prints for same-day pickup at over 11,000 CVS and Walmart locations throughout the U.S. The next one lets you order large, Canvas-style prints that you can hang on a wall; Canvases start at $19.99 and come in 3 sizes: 8×8, 12×14, and 16×20.

A Walmart print, left, compared to one from CVS.

Previously, rediscovering older photos that you may have forgotten involved delving into the Assistant tab at the bottom of the Google Photos app.

The exact delivery time will vary based on the particular location you want them sent to, but should be ready within a few hours. Pricing for the photos will also vary by store, with Walmart charging 25 cents per photo and CVS charging 33 cents.

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