LeBron James Denied ‘Taco Tuesday’ Trademark By US Patent Office

Jose Verdugo
Setiembre 12, 2019

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has put an end to weeks of heated debate over whether LeBron James should be allowed to trademark the phrase "Taco Tuesday", ruling against his company's request to do so, trademark attorney Josh Gerben reported Wednesday.

LeBron James has been taking to social media to post videos of his "Taco Tuesday" celebration that he has with his family along with other special guests.

"The applied-for mark is a commonplace term, message, or expression widely used by a variety of sources that merely conveys an ordinary, familiar, well-recognized concept or sentiment message", explained the USPTO.

It was reported earlier in the day by The Blast that a Mexican restaurant in IL filed a letter of protest against LeBron's attempt to trademark the term.

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"Finding "Taco Tuesday" as commonplace achieves precisely what the intended outcome was, which was getting the US government to recognize that someone can not be sued for its use", the spokesman said.

James' "Taco Tuesday" videos have become a viral phenomenon this summer, increasing with his full-time move to the Los Angeles area.

A lawyer revealed via Twitter that LeBron's company LBJ Trademarks LLC filed a trademark for Taco Tuesday as he intends to launch a podcast under the same name.

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