Idaho officials confirm two cases of vaping-related illness

Ceria Alfonso
Setiembre 12, 2019

E-cigarettes do have the potential to help adult and non-pregnant women quit smoking, but they are not safe for youth, young adults, pregnant women or adults who do not now use tobacco products, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports lung illness is likely associated with the chemical exposure that is in e-cigarettes. Minnesota officials said the patient had a history of underlying lung disease, was hospitalized with a severe lung injury that progressed to include other conditions, and found the lung injury was associated with vaping illicit THC products.

Promptly seek medical attention if you use e-cigarette products and are coughing, have shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea or fatigue. Currently, the CDC does not have enough evidence to conclude that Vitamin E acetate is indefinitely the culprit, but it warns people to stay away from all e-cigarette products, according to a September 6 CDC press release. Both vaping and smoking deliver nicotine, but it is the burning of tobacco that causes most of the harm.

The authors of the paper write that "E-cigarette use is not harmless; it can expose users to substances known to have adverse health effects, including ultra-fine particles, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, and other harmful ingredients".

"It's too early to say if there's a psychology difference between younger people and older people, or maybe that the younger people are vaping different substances or maybe there is some other reason why this is predominately in younger people", Persse said. On Friday, the CDC asked that consumers consider not using e-cigarette products during the investigation. "We urge the public to be vigilant about any vaping products that they or any family members may be using and to immediately contact their health care provider if they develop any unusual symptoms". With over 450 cases across 33 states and one territory, health officials are taking a closer look.

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"We are continuing to work on investigating all of these cases to determine whether they are similar to what has been seen nationally, or different".

USA health officials have told people to stop vaping. The vaping industry has blamed the surge in the contagion on black market products, but health officials have yet to rule out any vaping devices as a potential cause.

NY health officials are also investigating a link with the chemical vitamin E acetate that's used as a thickening agent in vape liquids.

"These people who do this just believe that it's safe, but it's not based on anything", said Dr. Matthias Salathe with the University of Kansas Health System's pulmonary and critical care unit.

"Chemicals in vaping fluid also can cause acute lung injuries and contribute to lung and cardiovascular disease down the line", the specialist says.

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