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Ceria Alfonso
Setiembre 12, 2019

Control is absolutely worth your time, as we reveal in our review video above. These paid-for additions to the core game are called The Foundation and AWE. Both Expeditions and photo mode will be available free of charge.

The next update, another free one, will be coming in December.

All that will change in Fall 2019 when Control gets an actual capture option. Have you been playing Control? Remedy says that Expeditions will be a "challenging new end-game mode" in which players must help Security Chief Arish explore the Formation and its surroundings.

I've seen what Control has to offer and going months after launch without a photo mode is a huge mistake. Yesterday, Remedy shared the patch notes for a comprehensive update aimed at fixing the issues players are having with the map, as well as glitches and frame-rate problems. Remedy has shared details about the DLC plans for its critically acclaimed sci-fi shooter and it looks like we'll be returning to this trippy adventure well into 2020.

The second expansion, simply titled AWE, looks a little trickier. As well as providing these new locations to explore, both expansions will also add "new story missions, enemies, and game mechanics". She will unravel what lies beneath the Bureau as she sets order to the Foundation and the Oldest House.

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In this Control expansion, Jesse will visit a new game area. AWE is planned for mid-2020, and will introduce Jesse to the Investigations Sector that investigates the chaotic phenomena arising from Altered World Events.

Control's PS4 Digital Deluxe Edition includes both game expansions at no additional cost.

A Digital Deluxe Edition including both expansions as well as the extra side mission "Isolation" and the exclusive outfit "Urban Response Gear" is now available for purchase on PlayStation 4 for $79.99.

Control's expansions will be available for standalone purchase on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC as they release, or can be acquired as part of the Season pass.

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