PM welcomes DUP to Downing Street as Labour insists election 'is coming'

Galtero Lara
Setiembre 11, 2019

"Elections should never be single issue campaigns", he will say, suggesting vital issues such as the future of the NHS, economic inequality and crime will be "drowned out" by Prime Minister Boris Johnson's "do or die" Brexit message.

Mr Johnson has spoken for over an hour inside Downing Street with DUP leader Arlene Foster and her party's Westminster head Nigel Dodds, who said it was a "very good meeting as always".

Labour MPs are divided over what to do next on Brexit.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme Mr Mann said "vast numbers of Labour voters are in danger of walking away" if the party positions itself as supporting remaining in the European Union in any upcoming General Election.

Ordering the Prime Minister to seek a further extension to Article 50 is a gift to Boris Johnson's bid to present himself as the champion of the biggest democratic vote in British history who has to face off a Parliament determined to thwart the people's will.

"I'm going to go back to the people and we are going to go back on this specific issue'", the former Prime Minister said at the launch of the King's College London International School for Government. The process of renegotiating the deal then putting it to a public vote during which Labour would campaign for Remain was deemed too complex or unworkable by critics.

The Labour chief made his remarks throughout a speech on the Commerce Union Congress (TUC) convention in Brighton as we speak.

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Corbyn later met leaders of the key Labour-affiliated unions, and agreed the party should stick to its policy of backing a referendum, but ensuring they have something to offer leave supporters. "A general election might well fail to solve this Brexit chaos". But we won't allow Johnson to dictate the terms.

He said there was "an increasing number of Conservative and ex-Conservative" MPs now ready to back a fresh referendum.

Mr Corbyn recommitted to a second referendum on Brexit, which he said would include a "credible option to Leave" as well as Remain.

He also accused the PM of cosying up to US President Donald Trump to get a "one-sided" trade deal with the US which would damage employment rights, the NHS and United Kingdom industry.

He warned that Johnson was pursuing a "Trump deal Brexit", and accused him of, "hijacking the referendum result to shift even more power and wealth to those at the top".

In a move that could open the floodgates to widespread industrial action, Mr Corbyn on Tuesday pledged to sweep aside anti-trade union laws and transfer power from the "born-to-rule establishment" to the "hands of workers".

But a general election is extremely unlikely until at least mid-November because of Mr Johnson's suspension of Parliament. Acutely aware that the eurozone remains economically sluggish with sky-high unemployment, that tensions with the Polish, Romanian and Italian governments are growing and, in France's case, that its own privatisation project and attacks on workers' rights have led to widespread and incendiary resentment, some see Britain's never-ending Brexit saga as a source of further destabilisation they could do without.

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