LG's 2019 OLED TVs will soon receive G-Sync support

Ceria Alfonso
Setiembre 11, 2019

The addition of NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatibility guarantees even more immersive big-screen PC gaming on the 4K OLED models (model 65/55E9, model 77/65/55C9), available in 55-inch to 77-inch screen sizes.

LG will be pushing out a new firmware update for its 2019 OLED TVs in the coming weeks, something that will add NVIDIA G-Sync support.

LG's 2019 OLED TV lineup supports up to 120Hz refresh rate at 1440p, and up to 60Hz refresh rate for 4K. Just like their living room counterparts, desktop screens have started sporting curved designs to offer the same cinematic experience for viewing videos and playing games on PCs.

This G-Sync tech ensures that the frame rates being put out by your gaming PC are matched by the display and syncronised for the best possible experience.

LG says that its OLED TVs already have a reputation for "exceptional picture quality, low input lag and an ultra-fast response time", and that they are thus attractive to gamers.

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What's more, LG's latest OLED TV models support a variety of popular HDR formats that further elevate the experience.

Users can also take advantage of HDMI 2.1 specifications such as auto low latency mode, enhanced audio return channel and variable refresh rate.

Specs-wise, LG's E9 and C9 OLED TVs support both the HDR10 and Dolby Vision format.

With Nvidia G-Sync support, LG OLED TVs could be a great choice for gaming. These models also incorporate LG's deep learning-based AI sound for captivating virtual 5.1 surround.

LG's TVs already feature variable refresh rate for gaming (VRR), and the update will simply make LG's 2019 OLED TVs with VRR compatible with Nvidia's 20-series RTX graphics cards. Now that GeForce powers them, gamers playing titles like Control can benefit from the power of Ray-Tracing technology which renders realistic and lifelike lighting effects. The "Life's Good" marketing theme encompasses how LG is dedicated to people's happiness by exceeding expectations today and tomorrow.

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