Delegates in New Hampshire Hesitant on Biden, Gravitate Toward Warren

Maricruz Casares
Setiembre 11, 2019

Bernie Sanders rolled out his plan in SC, a critical early-voting state where the majority of the Democratic primary electorate is black. More Democrats enthusiastically support Warren were she to become the nominee than say that about either Sanders or Biden.

This week's debate comes as recent national polls show Biden, Warren and Bernie Sanders leading the Democratic primary field. Sanders is two points behind at 25% and Biden placed second with 26%. The next closest candidate, Harris, had just 7 percent support.

The din made by the Warren faithful even made Sanders, who is known to keep his eye on crowd sizes, repeatedly turned away from an interview with a local newspaper reporter to check on the performance by his friend and Democratic opponent.

But with Warren's recent gains, Trump's advisers are reportedly more anxious about the MA senator than any other Democratic contender.

But while many of their platforms are similar, many in the crowd of New Hampshire Democrats said that though they had supported Sanders in 2016, they would be backing Warren this time around. Elizabeth Warren speaks to supporters at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles last month.

During his remarks he stuck with a hit list of his classics, touching on his Medicare for All plan and income inequality while also calling President Donald Trump a "racist" and a "xenophobe".

Advisers to Biden have tried to downplay a head-to-head matchup with Warren over the past week, with the adviser arguing, "There will be 10 candidates on the debate stage, not 2". When she launched her candidacy, blocks from the courthouse where she began her career as a deputy district attorney, she said her campaign was a fight against those "trying to sow hate and division", and that she would "seek truth, speak truth and fight for the truth".

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"The rich are going to own more shoes and own more cars and own more houses", Warren said.

Three topics - gun control, climate change and health care - are shaping up as defining issues for Democrats, at least in the early stages of the campaign, and they will likely be addressed at length at the debate.

Supporters of Elizabeth Warren wave signs for her as she appeared on stage at the convention on Saturday.

His summer of verbal miscues - and an apparent lack of preparedness for spirited attacks by rivals in the first debate - raised doubts about Barack Obama's deputy's age and mental clarity, and whether he will stand the test of a grueling political campaign. Warren is fighting against a political and economic system she portrays as rigged against the working class. Sanders is crowing for a political revolution.

Biden would examine prosecutorial decision-making through an independent task force, while Sanders' slightly different approach includes a vow to restrain prosecutorial immunity for decisions they make on the job.

"Unless the calendar changes, she still has a legitimate chance", Sellers said, suggesting that Biden's hold on the lead was fragile. "And so I think there is still a lot of game to be played". "I kind of see him as a grumpy old man".

Warren finds herself in a strong position with Democratic voters ahead of Thursday's Democratic presidential debate.

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