Tim Willits Joins Quake Champions Studio Sabre Interactive

Ceria Alfonso
Agosto 13, 2019

A few weeks ago, id Software's Studio Director, Tim Willits, announced plans to depart the studio. Saber is a pretty big company, with five studios placed at various locations around the world.

'It was a good time to move over, ' said Willits of his massive move.

Being with a studio for 24 years, it's really hard to leave. Today, the veteran game designer announced that he has been working as Saber's Chief Creative Officer on August 1.

Tim Willits has unveiled his new employer, following his departure from id Software after almost two and a half decades at the company: Saber Interactive. He also adds that "I'm excited to start working with such great teams!"

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Willits joined id Software back in 1995, and was hired after impressing the company executives with various Doom levels he produced in his own time and distributed on the web. "It's nearly like a marriage, for lack of a better description...."

"In a Quake or Doom game, everything has to be perfect-every microsecond". Despite having more than 500 employees around the world, Saber Interactive remains an independent studio. "If it doesn't work out, we change it quick", Willits told Fortune. I don't have anything to prove. Saber Interactive published NBA Playgrounds, and Willits is already talking to the team about other sports to extend the Playgrounds franchise to.

The dev also says he wants to make fun games now, not necessarily huge FPS titles with tons of moving parts. In the end, what I will do is literally go around the world to work with teams fantastic and create video games. In a brief tweet on his personal Twitter account, Willits said that whilst he's been "extremely lucky to work with the best people in the industry on truly unbelievable games", he "decided to leave id Software after QuakeCon". "Why would I pass this up?"

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