Facebook's Android app will soon get a Dark Mode

Ceria Alfonso
Agosto 13, 2019

Pretty much all tech giants are now incorporating Dark Mode in their apps, services, OS. Facebook is one of them.

"I came across this unreleased Dark Mode in Facebook's mobile app for Android by looking into the code underneath, which indicates Facebook has recently started implementing the long-awaited Dark Mode into their mobile app", said Wong in her blog post.

Something to look forward to: Virtually every app, browser, and operating system has a dark mode option these days, but Facebook's main app had been a notable holdout-until now. The new look is said to be in the works and there's no word as to when this will roll out. So it might be a while before Facebook's mobile dark mode gets a wide rollout.

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Facebook is working on a dark mode for its mobile app giving you an alternative to the current stark white design.

The dark color scheme is clearly still a work in progress, and Manchun Wong's discoveries show some of the problems that have dogged many other apps' dark modes, including dark colored text that's nearly unreadable against a black background. As you can see in the screenshot above, the dark mode definitely isn't ready for public consumption just yet, but it's clear that its development is well underway.

In the screenshot we can see a mostly dark UI, with the top navigation portion still white and featuring grey buttons.

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