A wipeout wedding for Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn?

Ceria Alfonso
Agosto 13, 2019

& YNTCD videos with me - and we had so much fun that "Drunk Taylor" is trending on Twitter.

She threw a party for people involved in the "ME!" and "You Need To Calm Down" music videos to celebrated their 10 VMA nominations.

It didn't long until fans were sharing footage of her dancing and singing along to her own songs, flicking her hair, and generally living her best life.

Taylor threw an epic party for her friends, including Orange Is The New Black star Laverne Cox, the band Haim and Rupaul's Drag Race star A'keria Chanel Davenport among others. Not to mention that her lip sync was totally on point as "You Need to Calm Down" blasted through the speakers. This past Wednesday, MTV announced Taylor would be performing at the new annual awards show which is broadcasted from Newark, New Jersey, on the 26th of August, Monday.

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TAYLOR SWIFT left her leading man Joe Alwyn at home after igniting talk her camera-shy British lover has popped the question.

And everyone else thought so, too, because this clip was immediately the meme heard 'round the internet, as fans couldn't get enough of Taylor's hilarious "drunk-or-is-she?" dance. Moreover, she earned awards for collaborations with "Bad Blood" and "I Don't Wanna Live Forever". Fox aired the Teen Choice Awards and they addressed in a press release about Taylor swift " Swift is also one of today's biggest social influencers, using her voice and platform to inspire and create positive change".

She can also be heard declaring how she "f***en love [s] Cardi B", in another video. Swift has a lot of things to celebrate.

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