Hongmeng OS is not for smartphones, Huawei VP confirms

Ceria Alfonso
Julio 19, 2019

After the company was blacklisted by the USA government, Google announced it will stop doing business with the phone maker, meaning it will no longer be able to supply Google's vital Play Services and future Android updates with its future phones. Earlier last month, the company was reported to have applied to trademark its Hongmeng OS in at least nine countries after the imposed trade ban by the USA government. Losing access to Android's vital parts would significantly hurt the company's growing phone business, and so there were lots of talks about an alternative OS the company has been working on.

She explained that the Hongmeng OS is designed for industrial use and that it has been in development long before discussions on how to find an alternative to Android emerged in the press.

Chen added that while a mobile platform usually contains millions of lines of code, HongMeng had "hundreds of thousands" of lines and was more secure. Recently, Huawei also said the HongMeng OS will be used in a wide range of products that will include routers, tablets, computers, network switches, and data centers.

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Hongmeng OS was often tipped to be a replacement of Android for Huaweis smartphones, but apparently, the company had other plans. The new operating system will also have extreme low latency compared with a smartphone operating system, she revealed. Whether or not the Hongmeng OS was created in response to early chatter about this possibility is a different matter entirely.

Company chairman Liang Hua said last week that Hongmeng was mainly developed for internet-of-things (IoT) devices, according to TechNode, and Huawei hasn't decided if it'll be applied as a phone OS.

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