UK PM candidate Johnson: 'Very odd' to involve courts in Brexit decision

Evarado Alatorre
Julio 14, 2019

Outgoing British Prime Minster Theresa May has leveled a thinly disguised swipe at Conservative Party front-runner Boris Johnson as she underscored the necessity of character in taking on the country's top post.

If I am not mistaken, that schedule can be sped up if Hunt would step out.

But some view her change in opinion as an attempt to secure a job in Boris Johnson's cabinet if he become the next Prime Minister.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has said he will be a "nightmare" to Boris Johnson over a no-deal Brexit.

Former prime minister John Major said he would be willing to go to court to block a new leader from delivering a no-deal Brexit by suspending Parliament, saying that he would act to prevent the Queen from being dragged into a constitutional crisis.

"It's evident that if you have the disruption that comes from a no-deal Brexit there will be people that will lose their jobs", he told Sky News.

"I think, somehow, Alex, much as I love the USA, much as it would be a dream job for me in many ways, I'm afraid I've got to stick around in case they drop the ball again".

Mr Clark cited evidence from businesses when challenged that some are claiming the United Kingdom could weather an exit on World Trade Organisation terms.

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A spokeswoman for Mrs May told a Westminster briefing: "The Prime Minister has always been clear that leaving without a deal would be disruptive".

With the United Kingdom expected to leave the European Union on 31 October, the government will have just three months to strike a deal once Theresa May's successor has been voted in.

The polemical candidate is now trying to shut down the parliament, though some have warned him that such a move, which would force a no-deal Brexit, would tear down the government and even some may take legal actions against him.

But he insisted at a Tory leadership hustings in Maidstone on Thursday that "common sense" would prevail among his colleagues, causing them to support his bid to sever the United Kingdom from the EU.

The results of the conservative party leadership election is expected to be revealed by July 22.

Great to meet Members in Maidstone and Sevenoaks this evening.

"I will continue to argue vigorously against a no-deal Brexit".

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