Suspect Behind Leak of Kim Darroch's Classified Cables Identified by UK Police

Evarado Alatorre
Julio 14, 2019

British police said Friday it had launched a "criminal investigation" into the leak of British diplomatic cables critical of US President Donald Trump that led to the resignation of the United Kingdom ambassador to Washington.

There is a "clear public interest in bringing the person or people responsible to justice", Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said on Friday.

London's Metropolitan Police sparked widespread condemnation on Saturday after a warning to journalists that publishing leaked documents could be a criminal matter.

"He was given a perfectly easy opportunity to say: "I'm sorry about this, he's an excellent ambassador and has my support", which we ought to give him because he is undoubtedly a superb ambassador and a very good civil servant, and he chose quite deliberately not to". "We have a duty to prevent as well as detect crime and the previous statement was meant to alert to the risk of breaching the OSA".

The statement appeared timed to prevent Sunday newspapers from publishing more leaked memos.

The British police has also advised "all owners, editors and publishers of social and mainstream media" not to publish leaked government documents, whether they already have them or are offered to publish new ones.

However, throughout Saturday politicians and members of the media attacked the force's heavy-handedness, including both of the Tory leadership candidates.

"These leaks damaged UK/US relations and cost a loyal ambassador his job so the person responsible MUST be held fully to account", he tweeted.

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"They think they know who did the leaking", a government source told the paper.

Johnson pointedly refused to back Darroch during the televised debate on Tuesday, leading to accusations from fellow Conservative Party MPs that he had thrown the ambassador "under the bus" in order to bolster his own ties with Trump. The Foreign Office criticized the leak but did not challenge the authenticity of the memos, which characterized the Trump administration as chaotic and inept.

Trump may have been indebted to "dodgy Russians".

There were bitter divisions within the Trump White House, saying euphemistically that administration officials would get into "knife fights".

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The London police said on Friday they have launched an investigation into the alleged leaks of the official memos that led to the resignation of the British ambassador to Washington.

Meanwhile, leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn said the leaks were: "Clearly a breach of confidence (and) information that should have been maintained as private".

"Leaking that, I could see what you mean, but in a liberal, open, free and fair society when you use the words "national security" it has to be definition be incredibly narrow otherwise you live in a police state".

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