Police continue to receive complaints about Amber Alerts

Evarado Alatorre
Julio 14, 2019

On Thursday, police confirmed the boy's body had been found and 27-year-old Sedrick Johnson was arrested for serious bodily injury to a child - a felony.

It is not yet known how the boy died or where he was taken.

Harvey said that that given the period of time that had elapsed, police were concerned that the grandfather and the boys could be far from Toronto and at one point went so far as to notify the U.S. Border Service.

An Amber Alert has been issued for 18-month-old Cedric Jackson, who was reported missing on July 10 by his aunt. She said she put him to bed just after 11 p.m. on Wednesday. He is described as 30 inches tall, weighing 20 pounds, and has black hair with braids.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Dallas Police Department's Youth Operation Unit at 214-671-4268.

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Jackson told WFAA that although the family doesn't know for certain what happened, they believe that Cedric is dead.

Another child who was in the home told police Johnson often wrapped Cedric too tightly and Cedric "would always fuss and cry prior to bedtime", the warrant says. "If someone is sleeping it's probably unlikely they are going to be able to do anything about this, whereas there might be other kinds of alarms, like a tornado warning or something, where you want people to be woken up in the middle of the night". The step-grandparent is a 47 year old male, so police say the person who may have taken Cedric could fit that description. She said the man looked like a relative or a close family friend. "We were confident that every investigative means was exhausted, and there was no doubt in our minds that the lives of the children and the adult were at risk and that there was imminent danger, for what reasons we didn't know because we didn't know the circumstances".

Now police are questioning Jackson's parents and aunt at Dallas police headquarters.

On Wednesday night, Major Max Geron hosted a press conference on the details about the initial investigation.

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