New Jaguar Land Rover Car That Responds To Your Mood

Galtero Lara
Julio 14, 2019

Research has found that 74pc of people feel stressed or "overwhelmed" every day, whether at the wheel or in the office.

British luxury auto manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover is developing a new driver aid which will make the vehicle respond to the driver's mood. The sensors then respond to the facial expressions and adjust the features inside the vehicle, such as heating or ventilation.

JLR says the new mood-detection system is one of a suite of technologies that the company is exploring as part of its vision to improve the driving experience.

Depending on what it detects, the technology can adapt the heating, ventilation, air con, radio, ambient lighting and other factors to improve your disposition.

The mood-detection system will use the latest AI techniques to continually adapt to nuances in the driver's facial expressions and implement appropriate settings automatically. Over time, the technology will be able to learn the owner's personal preferences and call upon tailored responses when required.

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Britain's largest carmaker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has announced that it will transform the Castle Bromwich plant for production of a range of new electrified vehicles, following previous announcements about investment and job cuts in Britain due to Brexit uncertainties and falling sales. Or it might play a few of your favourite songs to cheer you up - and maybe have you sing along. And if you're starting to doze off when driving, it will lower the in-car temperature to make sure you stay alert.

The British automaker is also developing a similar system for rear passengers, which could dim the lights and raise the temperature in the back if it detects signs of tiredness.

Already many marques have software in their everyday models capable of monitoring and alerting you to the danger that the way the vehicle is being driven indicates you are driving while drowsy. The company is aiming to create a sanctuary inside each of its luxury cars and states that mood-detection software is the next-generation of Jaguar Land Rover's existing driver tracking technology.

Dr Steve Iley, JLR's Chief Medical Officer says: "As we move towards a self-driving future, the emphasis for us remains as much on the driver as it ever has".

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