Harvey Weinstein’s Legal Team Is Allegedly Sick Of Him

Esequiel Farfan
Julio 14, 2019

A Manhattan judge on Thursday approved - for the second time - a change to Harvey Weinstein's criminal defense team.

Another lawyer bolted in May. As most know, Rose is just one of many women to accuse Harvey of sexual misconduct but she's not involved in the case that goes to trial on the 9th of September, this year.

Rotunno insisted that her use of the word "railroaded" was simply a way to affirm a question from a reporter, who had asked her Thursday morning if Weinstein had been "railroaded" by #MeToo.

Having originally retained leading NY attorney Benjamin Brafman, who battled unsuccessfully to get the case dismissed, Weinstein then switched out his team earlier this year and brought in Baez and also Ronald Sullivan, a Harvard law professor, who withdrew in May after protests on campus.

Weinstein appeared in a NY court Thursday morning for a judge to approve newly retained lawyers Donna Rotunno and Damon Cheronis.

Baez, on the opposite hand, acknowledged that he and Weinstein developed "basic disagreements" about his illustration, and at Thursday's court docket look Baez requested the spend for permission to recede the case.

Weinstein engaged in behaviour that made representing him "unreasonably hard to carry out effectively" and insisted on taking actions "with which I have fundamental disagreements", Baez wrote.

Gloria Allred, who represents one of the alleged victims as well as one witness in the criminal trial, held her own news conference outside the courtroom.

Afterward, Baez said: "I feel like I won the lottery".

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The Wall Street Journal reported that Rotunno, a former Chicago prosecutor who specializes in the defense of men accused of sex crimes, said in an interview that she rejected the #MeToo movement.

"If we look at #MeToo only in the context of Harvey Weinstein, I find it to be extremely risky", she added.

The swap comes after another Weinstein lawyer, Harvard law professor Ronald Sullivan, left in May amid backlash about his involvement.

The pretrial hearing played out in open court, but two conversations among the judge and lawyers happened in secrecy.

Asked outside court if he was off the case, Baez responded, "Yup".

Sullivan's involvement in the case drew protests from some students and faculty members on the Cambridge, Mass., campus. This will be Cheronis and Rotunno's first time leading a court case in New York City.

Buildings were defaced with graffiti that included the slogans "Down w Sullivan!"

Aidala appeared perturbed by what he called the judge's "extended private conversation" with Baez.

Weinstein is accused of raping a woman in a NY hotel room in 2013 and forcing another woman to perform a sexual act at his manhattan apartment in 2006. He denies the allegations, has pleaded not guilty and is free on $1 million United States bail.

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