Charming Charlie Is Closing All Of Its Stores, Including Maryland Locations

Galtero Lara
Julio 14, 2019

Charming Charlie is closing up shop.

Founded in 2004, Charming Charlie sells a wide assortment of jewelry, handbags, apparel, gifts and beauty products, with the merchandise organized by color.

Fashion accessories retailer Charming Charlie is going out of business and will shutter all 261 stores in 38 states after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Thursday. The announcement affects more than 3,000 full- and part-time employees across the country, all of whom could lose their jobs.

Going out of business sales have started, and the retailer expects all stores to be closed by August 31, according to the filings. Sales on its website have already stopped.

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Privately-held Charming Charlie, which had stores and operations in 38 states, shuttered about 100 stores during its prior bout in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which began in December 2017 and lasted until April 2018. The retailer used that process to cut debts and slash other costs, but "these efforts simply were not sufficient to stabilize" the business and deliver profits, the company said Thursday in a court filing.

Rockland County continues to feel the brunt of retail closures.

It also faced "severe weather events" in the first quarter of 2019 that led to less shoppers in stores, as well as increased tariffs that reduced the company's "already slim margins", according to the filing. Toys R Us, facing tough competition from Amazon and several billions of dollars of debt, filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in September of 2017 and liquidated its businesses previous year.

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