Boris Johnson Says Brexit Deadline Must Not Be Seen as 'Phony'

Evarado Alatorre
Julio 14, 2019

On other policies, Jeremy Hunt failed to distinguish himself as foreign secretary, and recently come down against the United States in relation to the ambassadorial controversy, suggesting that a USA free trade deal would be more problematic under him, said Collins.

She added: "I'm hoping that the response we get to the letter is on the advice is given is that, you know, that propagation is would be beyond the power of a Prime Minister so they won't go there".

However, after his leadership rival Boris Johnson said it would be "insane" to delay Brexit again, Hunt admitted his "honesty" could cost him in the race for No 10. Parliament may act to prevent a no-deal Brexit, he said, complicating any commitments around the fall deadline.

Johnson's biggest lead is on the issue of Brexit, with 69% believing he would be most likely to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union by October 31, against just 11% who say Hunt would be likely to do so. "I think the public have got a very simple view".

And she called for a more discipline in government after years of leaks and political disagreements inside her cabinet: "Good government depends on collective responsibility".

She said she did not regret calling a snap general election during the same year, in which she ended up losing her Commons majority.

Interviewed on the BBC's Andrew Marr show today, Ms Rudd conceded that she had "pivoted" on the issue of No Deal.

'I am no longer saying I would lie down in front of bulldozers if it (No Deal) arrives, ' she said.

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"It is because Parliament may try and take a no deal Brexit off the table altogether and so I think - my commitment is that I think I'm the best person to get a deal and if we get a deal it will be on or around the 31st of October but I can't control what Parliament does and that's why I'm being honest with people about the difficulties".

She said the process of leaving must be "down to Parliament, not third parties going through the courts".

Mrs May, who will remain in Parliament as MP for Maidenhead after leaving Downing Street, defended her economic record, saying unemployment was at a record low and austerity was coming to an end.

In an interview with the BBC ahead of her departure from Downing Street on 24 July, Mrs May was asked how she thought she would feel when she walks out of the door of Number 10 as prime minister for the last time.

"Brexit has taken up a lot of people's thinking, but actually there's an enormous amount that has been done behind that". 'That is what is driving me, ' she said.

The survey confirms Johnson as the hot favourite to succeed Theresa May when the result of the ballot now taking place among 160,000 Tory party members is announced on July 22.

Either Mr Hunt or Mr Johnson will take over from Mrs May the next day.

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