Assassin's Creed Odyssey Story Creator XP Farming Quests Have Been Banned

Ceria Alfonso
Julio 14, 2019

The exploit was made with the game's Story Creator Mode. The tools are pretty powerful letting you write dialogue for characters, assemble conflict encounters, and give people rewards for completing quests. Some people have cited this as the only reason Ubisoft cares about this exploit.

Announced at E3 2019 and released shortly after, the Story Creator Mode is supposed to allow players to make their own quests for the game and then share them with other players.

According to Ubisoft "these exploits risk jeopardizing the overall quality, integrity, and objective of Story Creator Mode and results in less visibility for the creative, interesting and frankly fantastic community stories that have been published". Despite the fact that Assassin's Creed Odyssey is a single player game and farming a bit of easy XP hurts nobody in the long run, Ubisoft says that doing so will "risk jeopardizing the overall quality, integrity, and goal of Story Creator Mode". It's not, of course, because Ubisoft also sells XP boosts and the like. "We are also changing Story Creator Mode's terms of use to prevent creators from publishing these kinds of Stories".

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Ubisoft has had to crack down because too many people are using Story Creator Mode to craft repetitive questlines that farm huge chunks of XP. While it is not technically considered cheating (it will be going forward) since players are simply using tools given to them by Ubisoft, the publisher certainly frowns on it because it renders its $10 lifetime XP boosters worthless. An adjustment has been made to the Story Creator's terms of use, closing any loopholes on the XP and levelling exploit. Anyway, Ubisoft says those who continually abuse the tool for XP gains could find themselves "sanctioned".

To combat these farming quests, Ubisoft will be changing its terms of use agreement banning these types of exploits by labeling it "misuse of the tool". Beyond that, XP farming quests will no longer appear in the recommended or trending sections of user-made quests, any quests that are reported as cheating or exploitative will be hidden and those who misuse the tool will face "sanctions", which possibly means a ban from online services.

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