Samsung already made a Galaxy Watch Active 2, leaked render reveals

Ceria Alfonso
Julio 12, 2019

This comes in the wake of Samsung Electronics CEO DJ Koh's recent reveal during a presentation to members of the press that more than 2,000 Galaxy Fold units are now being tested as of just a few days ago. We have seen quite a lot of leaked images/renders of the upcoming smartwatch, but the official-looking renders clearly gives us a better look.

One of the leaked images shows the device and its dimensions illustrated by the multi-coloured arrows. From what can be made out from the photo, the improved Galaxy Fold looks pretty much exactly like what we saw a couple of months ago, though we are sure Samsung has made numerous improvements under the hood, and especially around the hinge, which was notorious for letting dust and debris get inside the device from the back and under the plastic covering of the display. The render also provides a good look at the general style and design of the smartwatch and confirms numerous aspects previously alluded to. Besides that, the device's design does look incredibly sleek from the very low-quality pictures above. A byproduct of this approach, and in keeping with the original model, results in the absence of some typical Samsung-esque features, such as the lack of a rotating bezel.

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Previous rumors had pointed to three color options - black, gold and silver - becoming available with the one displayed here evidently the black model. The unit pictured here might in fact be the LTE variant. It's located on the side with a red ring. Something that might suggest there is more goal to the red ring than cosmetics alone. Beyond the design, the Active 2 could offer ECG, Fall Detection, perhaps with some exciting new features. It is hard to say if that is any more or less the case based on this render alone, but the smartwatch display does appear to showcase more robust-looking heart rate monitoring imagery. There have been sporadic reports that Samsung hasn't given up on wanting to make another go at releasing its first foldable handset - that components will soon start shipping, with a release expected closer to the end of the year.

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