Justin Bieber Opens Up About Having Kids With Wife Hailey One Day

Esequiel Farfan
Julio 12, 2019

The pop star is now on a road trip somewhere with his wife Hailey Bieber, according to his Instagram, and they're listening to some interesting music on the ride.

"Love dates with you baby", the 25-year-old singer wrote in the caption of the post.

I'm guessing most of his fans didn't, but it's cool if they googled "Who are you to wave your finger?" lyrics and found a Tool song.

"Always have the most fun with you.", she wrote in the comments section along with a heart emoji. What I know is, I have never felt happier, more full and more aware of who I am as a woman. Bieber and Baldwin tied the knot last September.

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Justin Bieber isn't the only one expressing his desires to have kids in the near future.

"I love kids and I can't wait to have my own", the model shared.

"I would say now that's a closer reality, but definitely not anytime soon."

That said, just a few months ago in celebration of April Fools, Justin Bieber posted a fake sonogram in an attempt to prank his fans into thinking that the couple was expecting their first child. The two celebrities got engaged in July 2018; their marriage was publicly confirmed in November. Hailey has supported him throughout his rough patch as he took some time off from music to focus on treating his health.

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