Jason Momoa Body-Shamed After Losing His Abs!

Esequiel Farfan
Julio 12, 2019

It turns out that even Jason Momoa gets body shamed.

But it wasn't long before the internet saw an opportunity to unfairly tear him down for having a "dad bod".

When UsWeekly shared the vacation photo on their Instagram, the claws came out as many were asking what happened to his abs and suggesting to him that he needed to get back to lifting and working out.

Others make the valid point that there's absolutely nothing wrong with a "dad bod" or any other type of body.

Fans have rushed to the defence of Aquamanstar Jason Momoa after he was "body-shamed" on social media.

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The positive messages were quick to appear as well. Dads wish they have this bod.

Jason Mamoa has played strong characters, such as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones and Aquaman, so he's become known for the incredible physique he displays for his roles.

Another was just as surprised by the negativity regarding the Game of Thrones" star's body and wrote: "So apparently people are shaming Jason Momoa's Dad bod... you know the body where he looks like an above average fit man instead of a Spartan Warrior?' Fans began to laugh with the actor, wrote comments that he was fat, while comparing with animals.

Twitter is definitely a insane, crazy place sometimes but it is definitely very nice to see that so numerous actor's fans were quick to come to his defense.

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