Facebook Looking To Acquire Game Studios, Report Claims

Ceria Alfonso
Julio 12, 2019

Sam Fisher could be coming to VR.

We reached out to both Ubisoft and Oculus to get more details about any potential VR partnership, but haven't heard back by the time of writing this story.

File this away as a rumor then for the time being.

That's not all though. It's also released a couple of Assassin's Creed-based "VR escape rooms", but they're only available at specific locations, not on home VR headsets. The historical fiction action stealth game has sold tens of millions of copies in its decade-plus existence and goes to show that Facebook is becoming increasingly confident in its hardware to realistically deliver freedom of movement.

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Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, and it's also been moving into gaming in recent years.

A man plays a video game with the Oculus Rift VR headset at the E3 Electronic Expo in Los Angeles, California, June 14, 2016. Facebook recently named former Oculus content VP Jason Rubin as their head of "special gaming initiatives". While Assassin's Creed seems like an obvious choice given how prolific the franchise is and how frequently new games are developed for the IP, I could see the Splinter Cell news ruffling a few feathers. It's a brand that is quickly turning into a money-making division within the company and one that's poised to be around for decades to come.

While the VR industry at large still isn't quite as popular as PC or console gaming, VR versions of existing games or series (such as Skyrim and Fallout 4's VR ports) have proven fairly successful as system sellers.

The article from The Information cites "two people familiar with the matter" in saying Oculus is looking to outright buy game studios and sign exclusive deals.

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