Call of Duty Modern Warfare: 2v2 Multiplayer Mode Will Be Shown Today

Ceria Alfonso
Julio 12, 2019

If you're anything of a shooter fan, you're going to want to check this live stream out, as it'll include footage of a brand new 2V2 mode called Gunfight, so here's all the info you need on how to watch it. As such, the official Call of Duty Twitch account hosted a showcase match between streamers. The new match type will pit two teams of two players against each other in a confined arena with the same inventory loadouts and 40 seconds rounds.

Get ready Call of Duty fans, Activision and Infinity Ward are cooking up a big reveal of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare "Multiplayer Universe" to be served up on August 1st, 2019. It takes three seconds to claim the flag, but if the enemy team wipes you out in those three seconds, they win. Three maps will be available at launch: King, the interior of a warehouse; Pine, the outskirts of a dense forest; and Stack, a desert container yard.

The speedy nature of Gunfight and ever-changing weapon loadout means you don't have much to rely on but your skill and reflexes. The flag will only spawn though if one or both players of each duo are still alive when Overtime starts.

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Gunfight looks like a mode built for the more competitive, high-skilled Call of Duty community. Strip back all the trappings of unlocking Killstreaks, combining perks, and leveling up guns, and you're left with solid gunplay and smart map design that facilitates teamwork and intense, fast-paced battles.

"As players enlist in the heart-racing Modern Warfare story, multiplayer continues the experience as players head online into the ultimate playground for the global balance of power", Activision said in a press release.

Gunfight is unlike the other multiplayer modes found in the previous Call of Duty games.

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