Nintendo Celebrates 2 Million Levels Created In Super Mario Maker 2

Ceria Alfonso
Julio 11, 2019

Did you know? Mario attended the construction of the new Milan M4 metro line during a recent advertising event organized by Nintendo Italy to promote Super Mario Maker 2. Nintendo announced today that players had uploaded 2 million courses on the level creator since its worldwide launch on June 28th.

The result was a wide swathe of levels designed by everyone from amateur players to truly obsessed fans, creating speedrun stages, insane survival-based gauntlets, and even complex Rube Goldberg machinations.

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Super Mario Maker 2 offers players the opportunity to break the rules and make the Super Mario courses they have always dreamed of playing.

If you'd like to get in on the fun of making your own Mario levels then read our review before buying the latest Super Mario Maker game. One Canadian super fan has already rolled out a full 32-course game. Nintendo has supplied a beauty of a tool box and players around the world are happily using it to their heart's content to create a number of awesome levels and courses for the game. User-created levels can range from brilliant creations by world-class gamers to something your five-year-old cousin could beat in under 20 minutes. There's a stage inspired by the "Steamed Hams" meme from The Simpsons and even one made by Arby's.

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