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Galtero Lara
Junio 13, 2019

Between last Friday and Monday, reports surfaced that the Justice Department is preparing an antitrust probe of Google and has been given jurisdiction over Apple as part of a broader review into the tech industry.

"Every week, you see them going after Facebook and Apple, and all of these companies, they're great companies, but there is something going on, but I will say the European Union is suing them all the time", he said in an interview on CNBC.

"There is something going on in terms of monopoly", Trump said on Monday morning.

Tech giant Google spent $21.7 million on lobbying efforts past year to influence lawmakers as the government and regulators sought great scrutiny from tech companies related to users' privacy and unfair market practices.

Google has spent United States dollars 21.7 million on lobbying previous year to influence lawmakers, becoming the leading corporate spender among the tech companies facing increasing scrutiny from USA regulators over privacy practices and market control, according to a media report.

Trump indicated, however, that the USA might take a different tact. "Well, we should be doing that - they're our companies".

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"We're gonna look at it differently", he said of USA authorities. "President Trump regularly criticises the power of the companies, as do several Democrats running for president", said the report.

"I think it's a bad situation, obviously", Trump said. Just last summer, Google was fined a record $5 billion for violating antitrust law with the company's Android operating system product. "They were so against me during my election run".

Trump also returned to his well-trodden argument on big tech: that firms such as Google have a liberal bias which does not favor his administration. "Well I won, you know, and I'll win again, because we're doing well, and we're not the fools anymore, we're not the foolish country that does so badly".

The president took the opportunity to rant against the tech giants - and baselessly accused them of colluding with Democrats.

"China, as great as they are, and they are great, they don't have near the capability of our geniuses in Silicon Valley that walk around in undershirts and they're worth $2 billion apiece", Trump said.

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