Trump sending 1,000 more troops to Poland to counter Russian military activity

Evarado Alatorre
Junio 12, 2019

The expected to announce Wednesday that it will send about 1,000 additional troops and a squadron of Reaper drones to Poland to beef up the nation's ability to defend itself amid worries about Russian military activity.

"They get hurt unfortunately too often", Trump said of the Poles.

"There would be no additional troops to Europe".

US President Donald Trump and his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda are expected to make an announcement in relation to increasing US troop levels in Poland.

The two leaders met before they plan to hold a signing ceremony and news conference.

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Senior administration officials dubbed the forthcoming agreement on U.S. troops in Poland as a "significant announcement", but refused to delve into details of the agreement.

Polish Counsel General Maciej Golubiewski said told MSNBC this morning that the agreement "quantitatively and qualitatively" increases USA troop presence in the country.

Poland has sought to entice Trump into bolstering U.S. commitment to the country's defense, including by appealing to the President's ego, even floating the notion of naming the base for United States troops "Fort Trump". "When bad things happen it seems like Poland is the first one.I hope that Russian Federation and Poland and Germany are going to get along", said Trump, who has often been criticized by Democrats for being too close to Russian Federation and President Vladimir Putin. "Too often", Mr. Trump said of Poland on Wednesday. "They're in the middle of everything. When bad things happen, it seems Poland is the first one that is in there and it is unfortunate".

Trump is scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in two weeks at the G20 summit in Japan.

Before the press conference, the two leaders will witness an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft flyover above the White House, in honor of Poland's intention to purchase F-35s for their own military, according to White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley.

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