Former WWE Superstar Removed From Fox Show Due To Sexual Harassment Allegations

Esequiel Farfan
Junio 12, 2019

It was recently reported that Tyrus was booted from the show due to an unspecified personal dispute with McHenry, but now it's been revealed that the dispute centers around McHenry's claim that Tyrus had sent her unwanted and unsolicited text messages with lewd, sexual comments, on multiple occasions.

Former WWE and Impact Wrestling wrestler Tyrus (a/k/a George Murdoch) was reportedly removed from Fox Nation's "Un-PC" following sexual harassment claims made by co-host Britt McHenry. He's in the news himself now after being accused of sexual harassment by his co-host on the show.

Tyrus was reportedly moved from "Un-PC" to another show, "Nuffsaid" and that move was done despite officials knowing about the complaint. Tyrus and McHenry were reached out to but neither have provided a statement or comment on the matter.

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Two sources who worked at Fox News told TDB that Tyrus was the type of person who would regularly make "politically incorrect" jokes, so it's being said that Britt McHenry's complaint to management wasn't surprising. The Daily Beast also reported requests to both McHenry and Murdoch have gone unanswered, and a FOX News spokesperson declined to provide a statement.

However, outside splitting up the "Un-PC" hosting duo, it's unclear whether the network took any disciplinary action against Tyrus following McHenry's complaint.

McHenry joined Fox News previous year after she was part of ESPN's widespread layoffs in 2017. The network announced he got his own show on the streaming platform just last month and didn't even mention his removal from the show with McHenry. It was said by others with knowledge of Tyrus's professional environment that he had a long history of acting outwardly angry towards crew members. Tyrus was questioned by The Hollywood Reporter's Jeremy Barr via Twitter about the incident to which Tyrus responded, "No comment and don't message me again". "We respect the confidentiality of all involved".

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