Dropbox unveils a brand-new design and user experience for its desktop app

Galtero Lara
Junio 12, 2019

You can even view AutoCAD files inside a Dropbox file viewer, even if you don't have AutoCAD installed. In addition, Dropbox has partnered with video-conferencing provider Zoom so you can schedule and join Zoom meetings inside Dropbox. The new Dropbox is attempting to simplify that.

Dropbox users can link up their account to Slack and Zoom so that people handling files can stay on the same window to talk with colleagues about what they're working on - #channels and @mentions have been incorporated into sharing modes of the app to great effect. Users can also take advantage of integrations with Microsoft Office 365 and (more recently) Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to create and edit projects in those native interfaces.

"Let's bring this experience into the 21st century, [transforming] from a folder full of files into a living teamwork space with all of your content", said Dropbox Chief Executive Drew Houston at a press event to announce the new effort.

The changes are a bigger deal for the company's paid customers, who tend to be businesses and rely on Dropbox to store and share files for employees.

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Backing up your phone data is "largely a solved problem", Houston said in an interview. Dropbox Team admins can go a step further with the new link-up with Atlassian for work management. With this release, Dropbox has changed the underlying structure of its desktop application to operate just like any other desktop application, rather than its previous incarnation, which was tied very closely to desktop file systems like Windows File Explorer or Apple's Finder.

The new Dropbox is centered around a new rich folder experience.

The new tool sometimes integrates with other services. For example, if you send a Slack message or designate a file to be shared with a Slack channel, the recipients will hear about it on Slack. For example, comments on Google Docs in Dropbox aren't visible within Google Docs' mechanism for conversing about a document.

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