Trump blames India, China for not doing enough on climate change

Maricruz Casares
Junio 7, 2019

Yahoo News UK reported that one elderly man "was violently pushed to the ground during an anti-Trump protest in London's Parliament Square" while shouting "Donald Trump not welcome here". "If you go to certain cities - I'm not going to name cities but I can - you can't even breathe, and now that air is going up.They don't do the responsibility".

In his speech, Corbyn criticized the "hatreds that are being fueled by the far-right in politics in Britain, in Europe and the United States".

The older man, wearing a red and white hat, could be heard in the video saying "get off" as the other men grabbed his jacket and pushed him.

Another Trump supporter was attacked with a milkshake by a group chanting "Nazi scum" at the same protest.

People around the supporter immediately helped him get back up and made sure he was not injured. Hunt met the USA leader on Tuesday and Sky News reported that Trump also briefly met interior minister and another leadership contender, Sajid Javid, on Wednesday.

President Trump's state visit in June 2019 was also met with protests.

Demonstrators filled Trafalgar Square and spilled down Whitehall, a street lined with government offices, before marching half a mile to Parliament.

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During the joint press conference, Mr Trump also spoke widely about Britain's politics, saying the United Kingdom and the European Union are working "very hard" to find a solution to the Brexit deadlock.

Flying the giant Trump baby balloon once again, Britons protesting President Trump's state visit tried to bring central London to a standstill with demonstrations that they hoped would draw large crowds throughout the day.

The US President gushed over Her Maj at a press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron during the D-Day 75th anniversary commemorations.

The pair have conflicting views on the issue - Charles is a strong advocate for the environment, while Mr Trump announced the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change mitigation in 2017.

Corbyn declined an invitation to Monday's banquet for the president at Buckingham Palace, but requested a meeting with Trump, which the president refused.

"I don't see it being on the table", President Trump said.

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