Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to come in two sizes

Ceria Alfonso
May 18, 2019

The Korean electronics giant solved the problem with the protective plastic layer on the delayed $1,980 foldable phone's display, Yonhap News reported Wednesday.

Assuming these alterations are a success, Samsung could finally deliver the Fold next month, the sources say.

The culprit behind numerous Galaxy Fold issues was that some reviewers tore off a protective layer, mistaking it for that film you peel off whenever you unbox a new phone. The results weren't pretty. As far as the protective film is concerned, the report suggests that Samsung is now folding the ends of the film under the display, making it much harder to peel off. Although it appears that Samsung has fixed all the underlying issues, it is worth remembering that the company had the audacity to push out a half-baked product into the market, presumably to beat other vendors to the punch, and so, it remains to be seen if these fixes will actually work.

Regarding the hinge, the report suggests that Samsung is dramatically reducing the portion of the device where the hinge is exposed.

Of course, 5G rollout is only just getting underway for all carriers, and at the moment, Verizon only has its mobile 5G network active in portions of two cities: Minneapolis and Chicago.

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In 2016, the South Korean phone maker had to recall its Galaxy Note 7 phone amid reports that the device's batteries were overheating, catching fire and exploding in customers' pockets.

Earlier this month Samsung told customers who pre-ordered the Fold that they have to inform the company that they're still interested in buying the phone, otherwise their orders will be cancelled.

We are another step closer to the future of wireless technology today, as Verizon has officially launched Samsung's Galaxy S10 5G smartphone. This was an issue several other reviewers faced.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold may be back on track.

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