Google's New Site Trips Features All the Travel-Related Plans

Ceria Alfonso
May 18, 2019

Your Android phone allows access to millions of apps and games that you can download whenever you feel like it via the Google Play Store.

Building on some of the features introduced previous year, Google now makes it possible to edit your trip timeline directly from the travel hub, and the ability to manually add reservations is coming in a few weeks as well.

"You told us you wanted a rating based on what your app is today, not what it was years ago, and we agree", said Milena Nikolic, an engineering director leading Google Play Console, who detailed the changes at the Google I/O Developer conference today. But what if you don't want Google recording your entire thought process as you plan?

The new service may help Google earn more referral income from advertisers such as airlines and hotels, though prices for such ads have fallen in recent years.

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Some highlights include the Google AI assistant and abilities, Android Q Beta 3, new Google aspects for the different apps (Google Play Store and Maps) and its search engine and the new Pixel 3 smartphone line.

Google announced the opening of a privacy focused center in Munich, Germany, in its latest move to strengthen its data protection credentials as tech companies worldwide continue to face increasing scrutiny of their data collection practices. Weather forecasts will also automatically be appended. You can start using the new portal by typing in a destination search term or "hotels in London" to access a wealth of information in one go. When in Rome, for example, Google Maps will not be content with simply pointing out places to see, restaurants to try, and things to do. They have also now added a feature that will point out popular neighborhoods near where you're staying and what they are famous for.

As you'd hope, there's the option to opt-out of all of this if you'd rather not have Google as your personal activity planner. We can find some of the information related to travel from Google Search itself.

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