PS5 Will Be Released in November 2020, According to a Japanese Analyst

Ceria Alfonso
May 16, 2019

In the meantime it looks like PlayStation gamers can rest easier thanks to the knowledge that even though the PlayStation 5 will be a next-gen pixel-pushing powerhouse of a gaming console, it won't cost the earth to pick up and is coming before Christmas next year.

Various leaks have suggested that the PS5 could be one of the most powerful consoles in the market after a reported 'secret' meeting with Sony revealed that it would contain specs that even some PC's were unable to match.

Sony won't be attending E3.

Japanese research analyst Hideki Yasuda has put together a report outlining Sony's financial health, especially in regard to PlayStation.

When will the PS5 be released?

Hello, Sony fans. Here we are again with another report regarding the possible release date and price of Sony's next-generation hardware.

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Asuki predicts that the PS5 will be released in November 2020.

But still, there are those who believe that the cost of the PS5 will be lower.

According to the analyst, the PlayStation 5 will be available at a starting price of $499 and is predicted to sell 15 million units at this price by March 2022.

Speaking of games, it's been heavily rumoured that Death Stranding will launch for the PS4 and PS5, although Kojima Productions is keeping mum on any details now.

If these sales come to pass, that would be a super-strong start for the PS5 and really help it lay out its battle lines in the fight against Microsoft's next Xbox flagship, which is codenamed "Anaconda". Furthermore, we can also expect a number of cross-gen releases to hit PS4 and PS5, which isn't surprising considering many PS3 games were revamped for Sony's current system.

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