Sale strikes out 17, but Rockies win

Jose Verdugo
May 15, 2019

Sale's 17 strikeouts are the most by any pitcher in a game since Scherzer struck out 20 on May 11, 2016, against Detroit, and the most by a Red Sox pitcher since Pedro Martinez had 17 in 2000.

Boston pitchers combined to strike out 24, but the Red Sox had their five-game winning streak come to an end.

Chris Sale pleaded but did not push when manager Alex Cora told him his day was done. Sale threw 108 pitches and struck out 17.

But Sale's night ended with a career-high 17 strikeouts over seven innings, a stretch where he allowed just three hits and didn't walk a single batter. That's why we went with (Workman).

Sale did surrender a two-run home run to Arenado in the seventh inning, costing him the chance at a shutout.

Sale, who isn't the most cheerful guy in the clubhouse even after a win, couldn't help but smile a little after this one.

Sale left the game with a 3-2 lead, but the Rockies rallied against Boston's bullpen to win 5-4 in the 11th.

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A scoreless 10th inning was followed by Mark Reynolds smacking a run-scoring single to center field to take the final lead in the game. The lefty said his fastball command and feel of his slider were as good as they had been in any of his 296 big-league experiences.

"I love this game and to be able to have a chance at doing something like that is special", Sale said.

Cora recognized Sale's shot at history but stayed true to his focus on keeping the starting rotation as fresh as possible throughout the season.

Just prior to their White House visit, the Sox won two games in a row and then proceeded to sweep the Mariners after the visit, according to the New York Post.

Brandon Workman was the first replacement, and he immediately gave up two hits and two earned runs, including a homer, in only one inning on the mound. Sale can't be almost as sick as a Red Sox team that knows it let him down. "I'd love to have gone back out there, but as I said, I'll never question anything he does".

The American League record for most strikeouts to start a game is seven, most recently accomplished last year's AL Cy Young victor, Tampa Bay's Blake Snell. The Red Sox would ultimately respond with another run to tie things up and send the game into extra innings.

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